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    Civil Litigation

    Sometimes you just can’t settle your dispute in a friendly way and you must go to court to protect your rights. If this is true of your dispute, we can file or defend a civil claim for you.


    We can help you at every step of the process: Estimate your chances of winning. Obtain a court order to prevent the opposing party from acting in a certain way. File or answer a complaint for money damages or other equitable resolution. Investigate your case and gather relevant evidence. Hire and prepare expert witnesses. Prepare your case and represent you in court. Seek to collect the money that you are owed after you win your case. And if appropriate, negotiate a settlement before going to trial.


    We can help you with any of the following civil cases:


    • Personal injury
    • General business issues
    • Breach of contract
    • Divorce
    • Real estate or construction
    • Landlord-tenant
    • Property damage
    • Debtor-creditor
    • Product liability
    • Estate disputes
    • Other careless or wrongful conduct


    We can represent you during your initial trial or during an appeal of a case that has already been decided. Sometimes it’s faster and cheaper to use an alternative method to resolve your dispute. We can discuss these alternatives with you and help you to choose the most beneficial way of resolving your dispute.