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    Living Trusts & Wills

    A well-structured estate plan helps you to retain wealth and provide support for you and your family. It also reduces the possibility of future emotional and financial hardships.


    If you own any assets – you should have an estate plan. We will help you to analyze your short and long-term objectives, and give you personalized advice about how to achieve them. We can help you to achieve any of the following objectives:


    • Avoid probate and reduce court costs and attorney’s fees
    • Preserve your wealth
    • Maintain control of your assets
    • Reduce your income and estate taxes
    • Designate a guardian for your children
    • Fund your children’s education
    • Plan for potential illness or disability


    We can prepare your living trust, will, durable power of attorney for health care, durable power of attorney for asset management, and other estate planning documents.


    We can also update your existing estate plan to help you achieve your current objectives. And advise you about how to take advantage of the new and modified federal and state tax laws.


    We will represent you if a dispute ever arises regarding your estate.


    If you are an executor, trustee, beneficiary, or other party who is involved in a dispute regarding an estate or any administration issues, we can help you as well.